Coloring rules


Out of the Box, when the workload is:

  • Less than 75% of the capacity the bar will change  Green color (under-allocation)

  • Between 75% and 100% of the capacity, the bar will change to an Orange color (moderate allocation)

  • Over 100% of the bar will change to Red color (overallocation)

Custom settings

BigPicture Enterprise only

Custom settings are created per Box type. Make sure that all the Box types you use have been set up correctly (Iterations, Program Increments, etc). 

Levels and colors of the grid in the Resources module can be customized in Administration> Box type configuration > Resources > Coloring rules.

Coloring rules are automatically applied to all Boxes of a given type - rules can be created for "Sub-scope" and "Own" scope Boxes only. 

Managing coloring rules

The beginning of a range automatically becomes the end of the previous range.


Only the beginning value of a range can be edited.

Outcome - edge values

The end value of a range doesn't belong to it (when it is also the start of another range).





Values from 0 to <50 are green:

  • 0 included

  • 50 not included (<50)

Values from 50 to <75  are yellow:

  • 50 included

  • 75 not included (<75)

Values from 75 to <100 are brown:

  • 75 included

  • 100 not included (<100)

Values 100 and above are red:

  • 100 included


  • There always must be at least two rows left. It is impossible to delete all existing rows.

  • The beginning of the first range is always "0".

  • The end of the last range is always infinity.

The "None" scope doesn't have the functionality.