App Configuration (Technical info)

Method 1: "." (dot) context

If BigGantt is a Jira add-on, you can use the Jira "." shortcut to access the BigGantt configuration.

  1. Press the "." (dot) key shortcut. Jira to open Operations Dialogue.

  2. Type in "BigTemplate" to narrow down results:

  3. Click on "BigTemplate configuration" to go directly to app settings in Jira.

Method 2: Jira administration drop-down

  1. Click the Jira cog at the top right and select "Manage apps" from the list:

  2. Select "BigTemplate configuration on the left:

Data integrity and caching





Show cache stats

Show the number of entries in different caches.

This reports the cache statistics information and is required in case of occurring performance issues.

Show cache providers info

Show all the cache providers - the info will be displayed in a pop-up. The dialogue box won't disappear until you manually close it.

Clear cache

Clear the App's cache, which will result in full synchronization of all the Programs - it triggers a recalculation.

Most of the problems with outdated information which can cause errors can be resolved by clearing the cache.

Clicking the “Clear Cache" button invalidates the plugin cache, which forces complete data to reload from the Jira database for all boxes and all users (full recalculation of all the program boxes similar to recreating the programs from scratch). Depending on the volume of data in your Jira, it can take up to several minutes to execute while the application will not allow data editing during that time. Use it with caution as it will influence server performance and users' ability to work with the application.

Note: If a Box is not opened for more than 24 hours, the cache will be automatically cleared and a full synchronization will be triggered.

While clearing the plugin cache should correct most of the problems with showing outdated information or occasional glitches, it is important to treat this procedure as the last resort in case of unidentified problems. It should NOT be used routinely, and if such a need arises, please get in touch with our Support Team for troubleshooting.

Clear permissions cache

Clear the App's permissions cache in case the change in permissions is not recognized by the App.


Generate a diagnostic file in Java Flight Recorder format with the help of the async-profiler tool for a given type of event:

  • wall

  • CPU

  • lock

  • allock


Use the toggle switch to turn statistic collection on/off. 


This section allows you to perform basic troubleshooting actions or (whenever required) extract information that you can later send to the Support Team. 

If you've encountered any issues with the App and the problem persists after updating to the latest version, please contact our Support Team via our ServiceDesk, providing as many details describing the error as possible.

Remember that the more details we have on the issue, the higher the chance that we will be able to help you resolve it in the first reply. We are always more than happy to receive screenshots showing the problem, preferably with highlighted areas where the problem occurs.

Along with the above, we need you to send us information on the version of Jira you are currently using, the version of our application (if you are not using the latest release) as well as the Fine-grained Log.





Detailed logging

Three logging levels specify the amount of information that will be stored in our application's logs:

  • Warnings

  • Information and warnings

  • Fine-grained

Any information logged here may be crucial when investigating App's errors. Therefore when reproducing an error, always set it to a "Fine-grained" level.

Support data

Send logs to our Support Team directly using the app or via our ServiceDesk.

Logs button on App screens

Enable/disable the send and download logs button on error notifications.

PDF Export





Re-install pdf export

Use in case of export library installation failure.

Test export

Run a test export.

Export diagnostic

Run a check to see if everything is properly set up for BigTemplate:

Failures are marked with a red "X":

Export Technical info to PDF 

The file contains contents of the "Technical Info" tab of BigTemplate configuration. 

Export installation data

Download a zip package with BT configuration.