Risks gadget

Highlighting and communicating the risk on the Jira dashboard or Confluence can increase risk awareness. The Risks gadget mirrors your Box Risks module. There's no limit on the number of gadgets you can add to your dashboard.

Risks gadget configuration

You can edit the source data by selecting a Box or changing the refresh interval to ensure your data is always up to date. To edit the gadget, click on the ". . ." button in the top right of the gadget:

Data source

Select the Box to serve as the data source for the gadget. The list of Boxes will only include the ones you have access to – your security role needs to be set to the Box viewer at the minimum.

The Box list is in alphabetical order:


You can change the height of a gadget to ensure the entire matrix is displayed. 

To change the width use the "Edit layout" option of the dashboard


Filtering in a gadget is independent of filtering in the module view (you can activate a different set of filters in a gadget and in a module).

The risk gadget has the same set of filters as the Risk module (Quick filters, Date range, text and JQL search).

Filters activated per user

Each user can activate a different set of filters in the gadget. It won't affect what other users see. Each user has their own view. 

Multiple gadgets with different filters

Filters are set separately for each gadget. You can add multiple Risks gadgets to your Dashboard and change scope/filters separately for each of them.