Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

Are you planning a migration to Cloud? Make sure you don't lose your BigPicture data/configurations in the process. Check out this page for information on how to migrate BigPicture's data to Cloud. If you have any questions please email

API Tokens

Tokens are used to authenticate BigPicture in other applications. Your tokens need to be treated as securely as any other password.

Add a new token

  1. Click the "Add new token" button.

  2. Enter a token name and click "Create".

  3. The token is masked. You can view the token or simply copy it to a clipboard

Revoke a token

This action cannot be reversed.

  1. Click the "Revoke" button.

  2. Click "Revoke" to confirm. 

Revoke all tokens

This action cannot be reversed.

  1. Click the "Revoke all" button.

  2. Click "Revoke" to confirm.