7.2.3 Release Notes

Mar 12, 2024

Comala Document Management 7.2.3 is a compatibility and minor update and bugfix release.

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What’s New?


  • missing use cases added for the document activity upgrade

  • fixed a problem rendering workflow reports when the user date format included the year using YY format

  • fixed an error (introduced in v7.2.1) that prevented the creation of page workflow templates

  • workflow translator now translates correctly a workflow state with no configured transitions

  • OnBoarding menu option is now hidden when onboarding global setting is disabled

  • workflow-instructions macro now working (problem introduced in v7.0.1 release)

  • column selector of the space document report now updates correctly when edited without having to open it and close it more than once

  • fixed a problem caused by setting a high value (such as 10,000) in a report macro advanced settings Set Page Limit for Workflow State Filtering

  • the page selection search in space tools support section now accepts special characters

Releases of Comala Document Management v7 and later are data center only.

Releases of Comala Document Management v6 from v6.17.11+ are server only. Atlassian Confluence Server reached end of life on 15 Feb 2024. Appfire no longer automatically provides bugfixes and updates for our server apps after this date.