Creating custom workflows - Getting Started


A Comala Document Management workflow helps you manage the review and approvals process for pages and blog posts in a Confluence space. The app includes three workflows after installing the app.

Additional workflows to meet your business, team, or project process needs can be created or added to a space as a custom workflow.

Once added to a space, the custom workflow

  • can be enabled in the space document dashboard and applied to all your pages and blog posts in the space as a space workflow

  • is available in the workflow picker to be added on a page-by-page basis as a page workflow

Custom workflow

A custom workflow in a space can only be created in, or imported to, the space document management dashboard.


Add a custom workflow using

You can also create a custom workflow in a space by

  • making a copy of an existing workflow using Duplicate in the Actions options and editing the copy

  • importing a workflow template by copying and pasting the JSON code of a workflow template into the code editor

Create a custom workflow using workflow builder

A new custom workflow can be created or an existing workflow customized for your own needs using the workflow builder visual editing tool.

The included workflows can be copied and the copy customized but cannot be overwritten.

Workflow builder visual editor allows you to

You can customize individual approvals in the workflow to

You can also use workflow builder to create more responsive and flexible workflows by

  • adding one or more JSON triggers to respond to workflow events, for example, to generate custom notifications

  • using workflow parameters to manage the values used in your workflow, for example, users who are added as reviewers, due date values for the expiry of content

A new custom workflow can be created or an existing workflow customized using workflow builder visual editor or the code editor in the space settings Document Management dashboard. Changes made in one editor are automatically updated in the other editor.

Workflow builder also allows you to toggle between the visual editor and the code editor using the editor option icons.

Changes saved in one editor are automatically updated in the other editor.

Editing a custom workflow

A custom workflow added to the dashboard includes additional Actions options.

To edit a custom workflow choose an Actions option

A custom workflow can be deleted permanently from a space using the Actions dustbin option.

The installed workflows cannot be edited but a copy can be created and this copy edited.