JSON Trigger conditions


One or more conditions can be set for a trigger for a named event in the workflow.

When the named workflow event occurs the trigger checks that any required condition is met, and if met sets one or more actions.


condition must be met for the trigger to perform the specified action(s). Available conditions are

  • "state": "(string value)"

  • "final":(boolean true/false)

  • "initial": (boolean true/false)

If "final" condition is added together with another condition to an event, the condition is evaluated as an OR function.

The "initial" condition can be constrained to a named state in the workflow using the "state" condition.

Boolean condition values true and false are added WITHOUT encompassing quotation marks, for example "final":true or "final":false

JSON trigger conditions


Example “on-change-state" event

Example “on-approve" event