Steps for Migrating to HTML for Confluence App data from one Cloud instance to another Cloud instance

This article guides migrating HTML for Confluence plugin data from one cloud instance to another.

Migrating HTML for Confluence to a new cloud instance is straightforward. To migrate HTML for Confluence from one cloud instance to another, follow the below mentioned steps:


  • Install the HTML for Confluence Cloud on both sites.

  • Provide a separate license for HTML for Confluence in each Jira Cloud site.


Export Confluence Spaces from Source Instance:

  1. Navigate to Space Settings > Export Space.

  2. Select "Export Format" as XML and initiate the export process.

  3. After completion, download the exported file. (Note: This option will only be visible if you have the Export space permission)


Importing Data into the Target Instance:

  1. In your target Confluence Cloud instance, click the cogwheel icon in the top right corner to access administration options.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Data management.

  3. Select Import spaces.

  4. Use the Browse function to locate the downloaded data file from Step 1, then click Import.

Configure Profiles (if applicable): If the old cloud instance uses profiles, allowlist, and macro security in global configuration, they will not be migrated. They should be configured manually in the new cloud instance.

  • Verify that the HTML for Confluence is working as expected.

  • By following these steps and utilizing the provided resources, you can successfully migrate your HTML for Confluence data to your new cloud instance and continue using this powerful tool in your new environment.

  • Test your migration in a non-production environment before migrating your live instance.

  • You must be a site admin to import spaces.

  • If you're importing more than one space, once the first import has been completed, you can click Import another space and repeat as often as necessary until all your spaces have been imported.

  • If you encounter any difficulties, contact our support team for assistance.