Migrating the content from the HTML Elements Server app to the HTML for Confluence Cloud app in Server/Data Center

This article explains how to migrate content from the HTML Elements Server app to HTML for Confluence Cloud app in the Server/ Data Center and then migrate to the cloud.


  1. Log in to the Confluence instance.

  2. Navigate to the page where the change will be made.

  3. Click the "Edit" button or select the "Edit" option from the page to enter edit mode.


  4. Open source editor / Click source editor option


  5. Change ac:name="block" to ac:name="html-bobswift" in the source editor.

  6. Replace the text body as mentioned below

    <ac:rich-text-body> <p>test-element</p> </ac:rich-text-body></ac:structured-macro>

    with this:

    <ac:parameter ac:name="atlassian-macro-output-type">INLINE</ac:parameter><ac:plain-text-body><![CDATA[test-bobswift]]></ac:plain-text-body> </ac:structured-macro>


  7. Publish the page.

  8. Perform HTML Confluence app migration. Please refer to ,

    Verify the below GIF which contains the steps to edit the storage editor as mentioned in Step # 6


  • HTML for Confluence app does not support rich text format.

  • There is no direct method for updating the confluence page in bulk. Please reach out to Appfire Support for any questions on this.