FAQs for Technical Debt Tracker in Bitbucket Server


This page presents answers to the most frequently asked questions about the functionality of the Technical Debt Tracker app in Bitbucket Server.


 How to visualize the comments?

The developers can stay in the code while solving the common problem of tracking technical debt. Upon commit, tech insights scan the repository for the comments like TODO and FIXME and provide a list.

 How to allow the users to vote tasks?

Crowdsource your prioritization decisions by allowing users to vote the tasks that they want to be completed. This feature is available with a valid license and you can toggle it on or off per repository.

 How to create Jira issues for listed tasks?

If lightweight task management is not enough, link with Jira to allow users to create Jira issues for listed tasks.

 How to create Jira issue?
  1. Click  on the top left corner.
  2. Select the Jira Project, in which the current issue needs to be created.
  3. Select a value from the Issue Types list:
  4. Provide the Summary and Description:
  5. Click Create issue. Jira issue is created for you.
 What Administrators see if there are no comments or the repository hasn't been scanned?

The Administrators can see the scan the repository button. Scanning the repository can take a long time and be resource-intensive. Non-administrator users cannot see the scan the repository button, but rather a message to contact the administrator.

 Who can use this app?

Even though this app is configured by the Administrator, it can also be used by the Developers.

 What are the two features that are available with evaluation and commercial license?

Allow voting and Create Jira issues are the two features that are available with evaluation and commercial license.

 Can Technical Debt Tracker be scanned automatically?

The initial scan has to be done manually to find historical items. After that, it's done on each git push.

 How to add new labels?

Add new labels features is available from 1.5 version onwards. To add a new label to the Standard TODO and FIXME labels by simply going to global administration and supply the labels. Labels are constrained to A-Z and 1-9. No special characters are allowed.

 What are the supported formats?
ParserDefault file extensionComment format
Markup style


<!-- TODO:



Java/C style


// TODO:






Ruby/Perl/Hash style