Proxy Error in Confluence when loading MultiExcerpt Embedded Pages

This article provides guidance on resolving proxy errors that occur when embedding multiple MultiExcerpt macros within a page.

Issue Description

At times, when a page consists entirely of nested MultiExcerpt macros, it may fail to load and instead display a Proxy Error (502), as depicted in the screenshots below. This issue arises due to the complexity of nested macros, leading to delays in page rendering and resulting in the error message.


To address the issue, it is recommended to enable the cache option and then flush the cache.
Follow the steps provided below:

  1. Go to the Multiexcerpt configuration in the confluence instance.

  2. Click on the “Cache Enabled“ option to enable the cache and then click on the “Flush Cache“ macro to flush the cache.


  • The identified issue is specific ONLY to the SERVER/DC HOST environments. In such cases, the above provided resolution is applicable.