How to fix the Insufficient permissions error when copying spaces when using the Copy Space for Confluence app

This article explains how to fix the insufficient permissions issue when copying a space when using the Copy Space for Confluence app.

Issue description

It has been observed that the default permissions may not be accurately set in certain scenarios when the Use the original space's permissions option is use to copy a space. Consequently, this can lead to occurrences of insufficient permissions issues, as depicted in the screenshot provided below:

Prerequisite for resolution

To address the issue, it is important to ensure that the affected user possesses the required Global Permissions.
Follow the steps provided below to check:

  1. Navigate to Global Permissions ( > Setting > Global Permission) of the Confluence instance.

  2. Confirm that the user holds both Personal Space and Create Space permissions as illustrated in the below screenshot:

Steps for resolution

Ensure that you have space administrator permissions before executing the solution.

To effectively mitigate and rectify the issue of insufficient permissions, select the Use Confluence’s default space permissions option in Permissions to perform the space copy as shown in the image: