Error encountered while importing Flow Board 's app data in JSON format

This article explains how to solve the issue encountered while migrating Flow Board App data from one server instance to another server instance.

Description :

When a card is assigned to a specific user in the source Flow Board, it becomes associated with the unique key of that user. Therefore, while attempting to import the JSON of this Flow Board app into another instance, an error message may occur stating "No user found with id".

Prerequisite for resolution

To address the issue, the unique key of the user present in the destination instance is required. To find that, there are two methods:

  1. Using API : http://<domain>/rest/api/user?username=<username>


  2. From the Confluence database, run the following query: 

select * from user_mapping where username = 'automation' ;


-[ RECORD 1 ]--+--------------------------------
user_key       | 2c93808c88b9a0a60188b9c245170000
username       | automation
lower_username | automation

Resolution Steps

To resolve the error, which is likely caused by having the same users on both instances with different unique keys, manually convert the user IDs in the JSON file. This can be achieved by using the search and replace functionality.

Here are the steps to follow to perform the search and replace:

  1. Open the JSON file in a text editor or a specialized JSON editor.

  2. Use the search functionality in the editor to find the occurrences of the user IDs.


  3. Replace the new user key with the existing user keys for the affected user in the JSON from all relevant places.

  4. Save the modified JSON file.

  5. Import the JSON to Flow Board.


  • While performing these steps, ensure that the user IDs in the JSON file are consistent and match the corresponding users on both instances.