Hybrid Dashboards: Data from Server, Data Center and Cloud in the same Dashboard

What’s a Hybrid Dashboard

A Hybrid Dashboard is the dashboard that displays data from server, data center and/or cloud instances equally.

Organizations that benefit from Hybrid Dashboards

Organizations in their Journey to Cloud

Atlassian announced the ending of sales and support of server licenses, increasing the number of organizations making the move to cloud. This journey doesn’t need to be a slow agony for organizations, Atlassian, Solution Partners and Marketplace Partners are making efforts to smooth it.

Companies in this stage can leverage Hybrid Dashboards and keep track of all their projects and teams from day one. As soon as they have their cloud instance ready, creating a Hybrid Dashboard won’t take more than a minute (watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHwG2zx2vCM). Thus, their newly created dashboard in cloud will display information from their server/data center and cloud instances at once.

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Organizations with Hybrid Hosting

Not all organizations are moving to cloud. Some companies are taking advantage of the benefits of different types of hosting:

  • Key data can be behind their own firewalls in data center instances for an increased security. And also, regulatory requirements for compliance can be met.

  • Cloud instances can support environments where scalability is on demand, new features to improve processes are available or sometimes due to costs concerns.

Datasources to Create a Hybrid Dashboard in Jira or Confluence

Creating a Hybrid Dashboard is as easy as to add datasources for the different types of hosting. In the image below 1) by selecting a datasource that indicates “cloud”, like the Jira Cloud datasource type, you will be able to connect to a cloud instance and 2) by selecting a datasource that indicates “server/data center”, like the Confluence Server/Data Center datasource type, you will be able to connect to a server or data center instance. Easy, right?

The future of cloud for Atlassian Customers

Over 90% of new Atlassian’s customers choose cloud!

The future is cloud. Atlassian is implementing a cloud platform that every day improves to address all on-premise customers' concerns: Data residency, compliance, security, scalability…

Just make sure you select the right solution and marketplace partners in your journey

The Cloudies!

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