Executes an HTTP PUT for the given URL using the specified HttpRequest object. The data used for the PUT can be either included in the request object (as name-value parameters) or it can be added as a separate parameter (in the case of JSON, struct etc).Requests can also be sent through a proxy.


Return Type


Variable return type depends on the left hand side operator type.


The following example calls an HTTP PUT using the JIRA REST API that updates the assignee for the current ticket.

string baseUrl = (); string requestUrl = baseUrl + "/rest/api/2/issue/" + key; HttpRequest request; HttpHeader authHeader = httpBasicAuthHeader("admin", "admin"); request.headers += authHeader; request.headers += httpCreateHeader("Content-Type", "application/json"); string updateInfo = "{\"fields\": {\"assignee\":{\"name\":\"guest1\"}}}"; httpPut(requestUrl, request, updateInfo);

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