Custom Field Usage

A handy tool to find out where a given custom field is used.

To access the page go to  Administration → Manage Apps → Power Apps Config → Tools → Custom Fields menu.

The tool consists of an autocomplete box, where you can start typing your custom field name or alias. Upon selection, the results of the search are shown below.

To use this tool:

  1. Start entering the name of a custom field, alias name, or id of a custom field into the search bar


  2. A list of results should appear. Click eye icon under the actions column for the desired custom field in the returned results.


  3. The details about the custom field will now be displayed.


From these results you can see information such as:

  • Custom field Id

  • Aliases

  • Configurations schemes where the field is used

  • Projects that have the custom field in context

  • Screens where the custom field appears.

  • See which scripts reference this custom field


From the result screen you can also perform actions such as:

  • Updating the alias name(s)

  • You may navigate directly to the script by clicking the link displayed under Usages


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