SILSecurityException when accessing files

Because we improved security, starting with version you are not allowed to access files outside the designated directories

By default you will have unrestricted access to the following directories:

  • sil.home (usually set on silprograms)

  • kepler.home (usually set on kepler)

  • <JIRA_HOME>/tmp

  • <JIRA_HOME>/log

  • <JIRA_HOME>/export

  • <JIRA_HOME>/import

  • <JIRA_HOME>/data

  • The directory announced by

  • The user home directory, if the user under which Jira runs has a home directory

Extra directories may be specified defining sil.allowed.dirs property. The Java process must be launched with -Dsil.allowed.dirs=<path1>:<path2> ('nix systems) or -Dsil.allowed.dirs=<path1>;<path2> (Windows). Attempting to access files outside designated directories will result in error.