Insight REST API

The following code is actually a library of functions that works with the Insight (Jira Assets) REST API.

This code, while still valid, is essentially deprecated due to the release of the SIL Insight Connector module.

Insight Inclusion Script
struct objectType { number id; string name; number type; string created; string updated; number parentObjectTypeId; number objectSchemeid; boolean inherited; } struct referenceObj { number id; string label; string objectKey; objectType objectType; string created; string updated; } struct attributeValue { string value; string displayValue; referenceObj referencedObject; } struct attribute { number id; number objectTypeAttributeId; attributeValue[] objectAttributeValues; number objectId; number position; } struct objectEntry { number id; string label; string name; string objectKey; objectType objectType; attribute[] attributes; } struct defaultType { number id; string name; } struct objectTypeAttribute { number id; string name; string label; number type; defaultType defaultType; boolean editable; boolean system; boolean sortable; boolean summable; number minimumCardinality; number maximumCardinality; boolean removable; boolean hidden; boolean includeChildObjectTypes; boolean uniqueAttribute; string options; number position; } struct insightQueryResult { objectEntry[] objectEntries; objectTypeAttribute[] objectTypeAttributes; } /* * Retrieves the Insight object key of a Jira issue custom field. * @param fieldValue (string) The value of a custom field. * @return (string) The object key of the insight object. Example: ABC-123 */ function getCustomFieldInsightKey(string fieldValue) { return matchText(fieldValue, "(?<=\\().+?(?=\\))"); } /** * Runs a query against a specified insight schema to gather object(s) using the * IQL query language. See for more info about IQL. * @param schemeId (string) The id of the insight schema to query. Example: "2" * @param iqlQuery (string) The IQL query string to return the desired objects. Example: 'Key in ("ABC-1", "ABC-2")' * @param username (string) Username of user of Insight schema. * @param password (string) Password that corresponds to the 'username' parameter. * @return insightQueryResult representation of query result. */ function getInsightObject(string schemeId, string iqlQuery, string username, string password) { string insightURL = getJIRABaseUrl()+"/rest/insight/1.0/iql/objects"; HttpRequest request; request.headers += httpBasicAuthHeader(username, password); request.parameters += httpCreateParameter("objectSchemaId", schemeId); request.parameters += httpCreateParameter("iql", iqlQuery); insightQueryResult result = httpGet(insightURL, request); return result; } /* * Retrieves the value of an attribute based on the provided attribute name. * @param obj (insightQueryResult) Insight object to retrieve value from * @param attributeName (string) The name of the attribute to retrieve. * @return string representation of attribute value if found. Otherwise, null if attribute is not found. */ function getInsightObjectAttribute(insightQueryResult obj, string attributeName) { string[] result; if(isNotNull(obj)) { // Determines if an attribute with propvided 'attributeName' exists. // If true, saves the corresponding id of attritute to search for value. number attributeId = 0; for(objectTypeAttribute t in obj.objectTypeAttributes) { if( == attributeName) { attributeId =; break; } } // If attribute exists, finds the corresponding value of the attribute. if(attributeId != 0) { for(objectEntry o in obj.objectEntries) { // Possible multiple objects for(attribute a in o.attributes) { // Possible multiple attribute values if(a.objectTypeAttributeId == attributeId) { for(attributeValue v in a.objectAttributeValues) { result += v.displayValue; break; } } } } } } return result; }