Release notes 2.1.0


28 Mar 2023

The Appfire team is happy to present the release of Power Admin for Jira 2.1.0!

Upgrading to Power Admin for Jira 2.1.0 is free for all customers.



Updates and Resolved Issues






  • Jira Service Management support: Power Admin allows you to easily view and track the usage of configuration elements across your Jira Service Management projects. These projects are referred to as Service Projects in the app’s UI.

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Jira Service Management support

The Service Project object provides a representation of your JSM project configurations (i.e. request types, queues, SLAs, and legacy automation) and their interactions with other objects.

You can now find Service Projects counters in the Summary section of other configuration elements in Power Admin. This counter shows the number of service project configurations that use that element.

We use a cached index to analyze the configuration elements’ usage in service projects, which is generated daily. To view the latest usage information, you can generate or refresh the index manually.

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More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon. Thanks! Submit your suggestions for improvements to our Support Portal. We value your feedback!