2.0.18 Release Notes


14 February 2023

Appfire team is pleased to announce the release of Power Admin for Jira 2.0.18!

Upgrading to Power Admin 2.0.18 is free for all customers.




Updates and Resolved Issues






  • Power Admin 2.0.18 is compatible with Configuration Manager for Jira 6.12.4.

  • Support for Jira 9.6, JSM 5.6: Power Admin for Jira is now compatible with the newly released versions of Jira 9.6 and Jira Service Management 5.6.

  • Support for Jira 9.4.2, JSM 5.4.2: Power Admin continues to support and provide stable integration and compatibility with Jira 9.4.2 and Jira Service Management 5.4.2 Long-Term Support (LTS) versions.

  • Performance improvements.

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Submit your suggestions for improvements to our Support Portal. We value your feedback!