1.0.0 Release notes

22 Nov 2018

The Botron team announces the release of Power Admin 1.0.0.

Upgrading to Power Admin1.0.0 is free for all customers.

Don't have Power Admin 1.0.0 yet?


Power Admin is an advanced administration tool designed to enable admins to confidently configure and optimize their Jira by understanding the dependencies and usage of individual configuration elements and perform a series of quick actions. Its capabilities include:

  • Find & configure objects: search, locate and execute actions (edit/configure/copy/delete) on Jira configuration elements while understanding their usage, dependencies, and impact.

  • Usage & dependency analysis: understand usage and review the entire chain of dependencies for each configuration element, before performing any changes/actions

  • Performance tuning: easily identify similar configuration objects and reuse them

  • Clean-up: quickly identify rarely used configuration objects and delete them

  • Integrity check errors handling: identify and analyze the root cause of your Integrity check errors and resolve them