1.6.0 Release notes



20 May 2020

Botron team is proud to present the release of Power Admin 1.6.0! Upgrading to Power Admin 1.6.0 is free for all customers.




Updates and Resolved Issues










  • Groups are now available in Power Admin. You can find any group and information about its members, its security, event and JQL usage.




  • Power Admin UX improvements. We’ve made it easier for you to find and understand information about configuration elements in Power Admin.



  • Fixed a problem where incorrect usage was reported for user picker custom fields in relation to issue security schemes.





You can now understand how each group is used, which projects are accessible by the members of the group, which filters and dashboards are shared with this group and a lot more.


More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks!

Submit your suggestions for improvements to Botron Support Portal. We value your feedback!