1.7.0 Release notes


06 October 2020

Botron team is proud to present the release of Power Admin for Jira 1.7.0! Upgrading to Power Admin 1.7.0 is free for all customers.




Updates and Resolved Issues











  • Filters and their usage: You can find any filter (private or shared) and get a full report of its usage.


  • You can review the filters' JQL queries and navigate to each filter's profile page when you open the Subscribed to and Accessing filter lists in a group profile page.




  • Fixed a problem where Power Admin reported incorrect/false integrity errors when there are multiple custom fields with the same name.


Filters and their usage

We're happy to spread the word that we've added one more Jira configuration element to Power Admin's features! Filters and all their complexity of usage in Jira can now be explored and understood in a sophisticated manner in a single place. Power Admin collects all the data about the filters in your Jira instance and offers you many tools to find any filter, review its JQL query and analyze where it is used quickly.

You can narrow down the filters by even searching in their queries with the option "Search in Query ".

A filter's profile page includes information about the:

  • Id, owner, and its JQL query.

  • Number of subscriptions and shares with groups, users, or roles.

  • List of agile boards, filters, and dashboards where the filter is referenced/used.

Actions are available for the filter and its JQL query.

Full documentation

Group’s dependent filters

You can access a filter’s profile page and review its JQL query from a group’s profile page when you open the:

  • Filter subscriptions for group list

  • Filters shared with group list

Full documentation

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks! Submit your suggestions for improvements to Support Portal. We value your feedback!