How to enable debug logging for Latex Math apps

This article explains how to retrieve the debug logs for Latex Math apps in a Confluence instance.

Instructions to add the debug package:

  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an administrator and navigate to Cog Wheel > General Configuration

  2. From the Administration sectionselect Logging and Profiling.


  3. Enter the package name in Add New Entry:

    1. Add Class/Package Name as com.tensixtwo

    2. Select New Level as DEBUG.

    3. Click Add Entry to apply the changes.

      The added packages can be seen under the Package name:


  4. Perform the action that is causing the issue again.

  5. Again, navigate to Cog Wheel > General Configuration > Troubleshooting and support tools.


  6. Select the Create support zip tab and click Create zip.

  7. Once the support zip is generatedclick Download zip.


  • The logging starts immediately after it is enabled, and lasts until Confluence is restarted.

  • Ensure to go back and remove the entry that was added after you have completed replicating the issue.