LaTeX Math

Support for Atlassian Server Products is ending in February 2024. Consider migrating to LaTeX Math’s Data Center version.

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Use LaTeX formatting on your Confluence pages with the LaTeX Math application. The LaTeX will instantly render as PNG images. This also means that they will be included in exported PDFs.

Confluence pages can now include equations, units, and more. Add LaTeX representations of complex formulas that will be rendered correctly on the fly.

To make editing pages easier, inline equations will be rendered in the placeholder in the Confluence editor. Inline equations will be vertically aligned with the surrounding text. Previews will also be automatically rendered while editing for instant feedback.


The Cloud version of this add-on does not include the non-math mode latex macro and is limited to PNG rendering mode.

This article provides you with the following information:



  • Inline Block Equations

Inline equations are displayed in the surrounding text. Block equations will display prominently with optional (automatically incrementing) numbering.

  • References to numbered equations with links

You can easily refer to numbered equations on the same page or other pages with a link displaying the corresponding equation number.

  • Editing equations is easy

Inline equations are rendered right away in the editor and can easily be edited. Macros can be added using the Insert menu.


LaTeX Math Macros

The following are the available LaTeX Math Marcos. You can access all the macros by installing the LaTeX Math app.





Math Inline

This macro implements the LaTeX inline math mode. You can use this macro to display formulas or symbols in line with the surrounding text.


Math Block

This macro implements the LaTeX equation math mode. The output is displayed on a separate line with the selected horizontal alignment. (default = center).



Math Block Reference

This macro displays a link to the Math Block macro, which has the same anchor.



This macro displays the unit using the LaTeX inline math mode. This is similar to Math Inline but has formatting options that are better suited for displaying units.


LaTex List of Equations (Math Blocks)

This macro displays a link to an equation list from the same or a different page. The equations from the child page can also be included.




This is a general-purpose LaTeX renderer. Note: This requires the external renderer, and is therefore only available on Confluence Server.