Latex Math Inline not loading


When accessing a Confluence page which contains a LaTeX Math Inline macro, "App is not responding. Wait or cancel?" appears in place of the macro.

In the browser's javascript console the following messages appear:

[Simple-XDM] Failed to validate origin: /wiki/s/d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e-CDN/-857179919/h/ab07eceec48662a51f671f4943bd4d91//download/contextbatch/js/_super/batch.js?externals=local-default_&locale=en-GB:369 RPC: request rejected (bad origin):

This issue is caused by the add-on hosting service having migrated to a different domain and Confluence being unable to validate the new origin through a redirect. To solve this, the add-on must be updated to point to the new domain.


To solve this, you must update LaTeX Math Lite in the Confluence add-on manager. This is a manual update because LaTeX Math Lite's licensing status has changed, however, the free features in LaTeX Math Lite will continue to be available for free indefinitely. To avoid paying for the new paid features, simply cancel your trial license after updating and before the end date for the trial.

To update LaTeX Math Lite and avoid any new billing charges, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Confluence "Manage add-ons" page.

  2. Find LaTeX Math Lite and press "Paid update".

  3. Press "Accept & update".

  4. Before the trail end date, press "Stop Trial".