Formulas with double-byte characters are not rendered properly

Problem statement

Formulas with double-byte characters are not rendered properly.


Limitation: LaTeX Math supports MathJax V2, due to the limitations in V2 the formulas with double-byte are not rendered properly.

note Migrating MathJaX from V2 to V3 is in pipeline which will address most of the issues.

Also, you can workaround the following methods:

  1. Change the Renderer selection for math mode in the following path and in the admin screen change to either PNG / SVG.


2. Go to the configuration page for the LaTeX Math app and under MathJax settings choose Enable MathJax content menu.

3. Go to the issue page and right-click and go to Math Settings -> Math Renderer -> Common HTML.


If you still experience any issues, please submit a ticket to our support team. We are happy to help you.


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