JSU for Jira Cloud 1.2.0 Release Notes

20th May 2019

The beecom JSU team announces the release of JSU for Jira Cloud. You may install this version from the Marketplace


  • More field types are supported in our post functions.
  • A popup banner will inform the user, when a JSU post function has changed the issue, which is currently displayed in the user's browser.
    Because Jira post functions from apps are processed asynchronously (as a background job) the user interface in the browser will not be update immediately. This is a general behaviour of Jira.
    In this new version, any changes from JSU will be detected and the user will be informed about it with a popup banner. So the user gets aware of the changes and he might reload the issue.
  • Better usability in the configuration of the Copy Value From Other Field Post-Function. (And other post functions with copy value functionality.)
    Hitting the enter key will no more delete a row of the copy fields configuration.