JSU for Jira Cloud - August 2022 Release Notes

The JSU Product team is happy to announce the following new features and improvements this month. JSU is available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

What’s New

Introducing the Universal Rule Builder from JSU BETA

We are excited to announce the beta release of the Universal Rule Builder – our new editor experience that offers an even faster and simpler way to build and visualize automation rules for your Jira workflows. Of course, still 100% code-free.

Work faster, experiment more

This simplified editor means you can explore more solutions and experiment with your workflows. Build simple or complex rules from a single place, eliminating the need to return to the issue transition page for each component you add. The Universal Rule Builder also enables you to review the complete rule summary in a WHEN-IF-THEN format, edit any component configurations, or change their order before saving the rule.

Short video demonstrating how to use the Universal Rule Builder.

What’s included in the beta release?

We have included streamlined versions of some of our most popular features, limiting the configuration options so you can try the new experience in no time. Learn more.

  • Trigger a Linked Transition post function

  • Update Any Issue Field post function

  • Related Issue Status precondition (new IF precondition that you can add to a post function)

As with all JSU features, the Universal Rule Builder can only be used when editing a workflow for company-managed projects.

Your existing rules are safe

Don’t worry about any of your saved JSU rules. The new feature will not change or replace anything in your existing rules. You can still create and edit rules in the usual way, using individual components (post function, precondition, or conditions) in the old editor experience. New rules that you build with the Universal Rule Builder are managed strictly through the new editor.

How can I get started?

You can access the Universal Rule Builder through the Add Post Function option when editing a project workflow in Jira.

If you are new to configuring workflows in Jira, or you aren’t sure how to add a post function, see Atlassian’s workflow documentation for Jira Cloud Administrators.

Universal Rule Builder post function shown in the list of available post functions for a transition in Jira.

Shape JSU with your feedback

Making JSU the best fit for you is a collaborative process. When prompted in the app, we encourage you to share your feedback to help guide our next steps in providing you with an experience that you will love.