Custom Field Recalculation

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Issues that are updated after a new JEP custom field has been created will automatically update and show the correct custom field values. For existing issues, however, you will need to regenerate the issues to see the correct values.

When you type the JQL for issues where you would like to calculate (or recalculate) the JEP custom fields, JEP will search through issue histories and recalculate data according to your custom field definitions.

When should you use recalculation?

  • If you want to calculate custom field data for issues created before a new custom field definition,

  • To update existing custom field data within issues after making changes to custom field definitions,

  • Or to repair corrupt custom field data, use recalculation.

To perform custom field recalculation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Enhancer Plugin for Jira Cloud > Custom Field Recalculation.

  2. Type JQL for the issues you want to recalculate the custom field value for.

  3. Click the Start button.