Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

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Portfolio Box - rolling up data from child Boxes

Resources module 

Portfolio Admins can analyze the capacity and workload of individual resources on the portfolio level. In one view, they can see the workload of all employees from projects included in the portfolio. This provides easy access to information about over/under-allocated resources. The Teams/Individuals can be added to the Portfolio level or Project (lower) level.

Data rollup: 

  • Data about tasks is rolled up from lower-level boxes (tasks from Own scopes under that None scope box).
    Box status has no impact (closed boxes are included)

  • Data about Teams, Teams' members (or task assignees), and their memberships are taken from a Portfolio box and are rolled up from lower-level boxes (child boxes on all levels in the box hierarchy). z


Task data rollup:

  • Task data from Own scope under Own scope, Own scope under a Sub-scope box is NOT included in the rollup.


Assigning tasks to teams and individuals

The task and assignee (team or person) must be in the same box. Keep in mind that you can assign people and teams to multiple boxes.