Overview gadget

The Overview gadget (the former "Boxes gadget") shows the Box hierarchy, just like in the Hierarchy mode of the Home view. Use this gadget to navigate between modules or configurations and check the status of your work.

Security and access

You need at least a Box Viewer security role to view the Gadgets on both the Confluence pages and Jira Dashboards.

Box Hierarchy

Click on the tree next to the Box Name column to expand or collapse the hierarchy to the desired level.

Collapse / Expand All

Click on the ">" next to the Name (column header) to expand or collapse all the Boxes.

Sorting Boxes

You can sort the list by:

  • name

  • ID

  • type

  • status

  • start date

  • end date

  • leader

The sorting does not impact the order of the Boxes presented in the Overview module.


The following filters are available:

  • status

  • type 

  • favorites

  • my boxes

Additional options:

  • date range

  • search bar

Clear filters:

Go to Box configuration

Click the cog icon to go to box configuration.

Go to a Box module

Click on the "..." > select a module from a pop-up list. 

Gadget Configuration

There is no additional configuration.