Column Views (Box types)

In this section, you can configure a given Box type’s default Column Views and inheritance mode.

Changing the configuration might turn off (hide) settings or features in the Box Configuration and within different modules (of an individual Box).

Inheritance mode

Changes made to the Column Views Inheritance mode apply to all existing Boxes of a given type (existing and newly created).

In general, selecting an Inheritance mode determines if an upper-level Box imposes the configuration. As a result, when the Inheritance mode is set to "Inherited" or "Own with inherited," the Column Views from upper-level Boxes appear in the Column Views drop-down of the Scope module.

Box Admins can change the sub-Box settings by editing the Column Views directly in the sub-Box configuration or the upper-level Box configuration, provided they are also Box Admins of the upper-level Box. As a result, users cannot save the modified Column View, and sub-Box Admins cannot change the views in the Box configuration since it is already preconfigured. Fewer settings to choose from make the App more straightforward to understand. 

The "Own" Inheritance mode provides much more flexibility. When selected, you can define the default Column Views and bulk update all existing Boxes. The Column Views added in upper-level Boxes are not inherited.

The last option is "Own with inherited," which means you can have both: the Box admin can change or add new Column Views while all users can use the inherited ones.

For example, the inheritance mode is set to 'Own' for the Program type, and the default Column View is defined:

BigPicture-BigPicture-demo (42).png


This means that the Box Admin can modify the default Column Views in the Box configuration > Scope > Column Views:

Let's look at a more advanced example. Daniel, a Box Admin, added a new view, 'Daniel's Column View.' He does not want the sub-Box Admins to add new Column Views, so he set the inheritance mode of the Program Increment Box type to 'Inherited only' (Program is the parent type Box to the Program Increment):

As a result, the sub-Box admin can not change or remove Daniel's Card View in the Box configuration as the Scope > Column Views page is not shown. The screenshot below shows the Program Increment Box configuration page without the Scope page:

If Daniel changes his mind and decides to allow the sub-Box Admin to change the Column Views but wants to ensure that his favorite views from the upper-level Boxes are not removed, he can set the "Own with inherited" mode. This way, the inherited Column Views are marked with the arrow pointing upward, and the sub-Box Admin can not remove or modify those views:

Default Column Views

Changes to the default Column Views apply to newly created Boxes only.