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On this page, we answer some commonly asked questions about integrations between apps and Configuration Manager for Jira.

Questions & answers:

I have installed AppX, but built-in (native) integration for this app is not available in Configuration Manager. My project uses AppX post functions/conditions/validators. When I create a snapshot, will Configuration Manager include these?

Yes. Configuration Manager will include all AppX post functions, conditions, and validators used by the workflows when a snapshot is created. When deploying the snapshot, Configuration Manager will create them on the target instance if necessary.

However, Configuration Manager will not handle references to other Jira objects within the post functions/conditions/validators.

For example:

SomeProject uses SomeWorkflow, which includes the Jira Workflow Toolbox 'Add a comment' post function for SomeTransition. The comment text is a simple string. The post function references the Administrators role by ID (e.g., 10000). In Jira, the post function looks like this:

Let's create a Configuration Manager snapshot of SomeProject. The workflow, its transitions, and its post functions will be included.

Then the snapshot is deployed to a different Jira instance. Configuration Manager creates SomeProject, its workflow scheme, and SomeWorkflow. The JWT 'Add a comment' post function is also created. The comment is set correctly, but there is no guarantee for the reference to the Administrators role because the role with id 10000 might be different on the target instance.

I want to move all AppX configuration for SomeProject from my dev to my staging instance. How would I do it?

  1. Is AppX supported natively by Configuration Manager or by its vendor using Configuration Manager's Service Provider Interface? If yes, Configuration Manager will handle this for you.

  2. Contact the app vendor and let them know you'd like to have AppX's configuration handled within Configuration Manager. We will gladly help them implement the vendor-supplied integration with Configuration Manager (Configuration Manager SPI)!

  3. Reach us at our Support Portal, and we'll assist you further.

  4. Take a look at the Atlassian Community. Perhaps you can find a solution there or let others know how you solved it!

Configuration Manager supports ScriptRunner 3.0.6, but I have version 5.5.1 installed. Can I still rely on Configuration Manager for moving the ScriptRunner configuration?

To a large extent - yes. Configuration Manager supports all post functions, validators, and transitions provided by ScriptRunner version 3.0.6. Thus, if your workflow uses a property of a ScriptRunner post function, which was introduced after 3.0.6, Configuration Manager will not handle it.

Fortunately, the post functions, validators, and transitions provided by ScriptRunner version 3.0.6 are quite comprehensive and will be handled by Configuration Manager!

Does Configuration Manager move ScriptRunner inline scripts and script files?

Configuration Manager for Jira moves inline scripts but not separate script files. Also note that Configuration Manager moves the inline scripts as-is, which means that any references to Jira objects by id will likely not work when you move the scripts to a different Jira instance. To prevent this, avoid using native IDs in scripts whenever possible.

I am using Zephyr for Jira (or another unsupported app). Which part of it will Configuration Manager migrate? What will be left out?

Although Configuration Manager does not natively support it, some of the app configurations will be handled out-of-the-box (the same applies to every other Jira app).

For instance, a Zephyr Test case is an issue of a specific issue type (called Test by default). Configuration Manager will take care of this issue type and also of the project issues. If the exported project uses Zephyr's Permission scheme, it will also be handled.

Configuration Manager is not aware of app-specific configuration, such as global configuration. It cannot infer the meaning of references in text properties stored in an app-specific format.

In this case, you can contact the app vendor and request vendor-supplied integration with Configuration Manager.

Check the list of apps that already have integration with Configuration Manager.

Please contact the app vendor and do look for a solution at the Atlassian Community website. You can always reach us at our Support Portal!



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