Project Backup and CMDB

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Project Backup is a use case where companies need to keep a backup copy of the project configuration for compliance or data protection reasons. While full DB backups are used in a lot of cases they cannot be used where "last know good" configuration is required. In a lot of cases, the storage of the configuration is in either SCM (Git, SVN, other source control systems) or CMDB and versioning is applied.


< 5 minutes

1 Jira Server, CMDB 

Project Snapshot





You need one paid commercial license for the Production Jira system.



Accomplishing this use case is quite simple following the steps below:

  1. Jira Server: Create a project snapshot for the project you want to backup or put in CMDB

  2. Jira Server: Download the snapshot

a. (optional) If you want to version the snapshot and see the differences between the versions you can unzip the snapshot before publishing. This way the XML files can be versioned as text and thus the diff will work.

3. CMDB/SCM: Publish the snapshot


Automation of the above steps can be accomplished using the public REST API.