Licensing Options

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Licensing options

You can use Configuration Manager for Jira (CMJ) either with a license issued by Atlassian or a license issued by Appfire. Explore the flexible licensing options and find the one that matches your needs.

Full access to CMJ’s functionality

All of the licenses below offer the full app experience. The trial and the extended trial licenses also give access to all features.

Using a license issued by Atlassian

You can install a license issued by Atlassian on the Manage apps page like any standard Jira add-on. In addition, you can find more details in this Jira knowledge base article.

Extended trial licenses

You can request an extended trial license by contacting us at our Support Portal. Then, you can put the new trial license issued by Appfire on Configuration Manager's License page.

Licensing for migrations

Target instances should be licensed using commercial licenses. For Source instances, however, you can use commercial or trial licenses.

If any intermediate servers are used as clones, they can use the development licenses that come with the commercial licenses.

Licenses per use case

See the Licenses per Use Case document for information about the licenses you need for each use case supported by Configuration Manager.