Many plugins and tools have been available for a long time and support many older releases. Use the Marketplace entries to determine availability of a version supporting the Atlassian product release you need. As a general rule, testing and support is done on at least the last 5 Atlassian product releases. Appfire Command Line Interface (CLI) has a more complicated compatibility matrix - see Compatibility Notes for more details.


Operating Systems

Any operating system supported by Atlassian products. Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX are supported clients for Appfire Command Line Interface (CLI) (plus related CLIs) and GINT support .


We support Atlassian platforms running the Java version required by the platform except where specifically noted. Our primary test platform is the minimum Java version supported by the Atlassian product version. Java 1.8 is recommended for all client and server environments.


  • Most add-ons are not affected by specific browsers other than by the Atlassian application platform they are running on
  • In cases where there is a browser specific impact, testing is done on the level of browser considered current and supported by Atlassian at the time the app is released
    • However add-ons released supporting older versions of the Atlassian application will have browser compatibility based on the current Atlassian browser support 
    • Known problems will be documented in JIRA items but may be resolved as Won't Fix based on the current Atlassian browser support

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