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If you have a usage question

Ask a question on the Atlassian Community site. 

We recommend that you create a support request if you have a complex usage question or you need to provide attachments and detailed information.

If you need an improvement added to an app

Please create a support request.

If you have a bug to report

Please create a support request.

If you need support

Please create a support request.  


  1. Unless otherwise noted, all Bob Swift Atlassian Apps software is licensed under the provisions of the Bob Swift Atlassian Apps EULA.

  2. Atlassian Marketplace handles all license orders, quotes, tracking, and billing using your account.
  3. Licenses are installed after the app is installed using Manage App - otherwise known as the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).
    • We strongly recommend use of a recent version of the UPM. Upgrade reasonable often.
    • Older versions of UPM may require going to the Config link for the app to add the license.
  4. Community/Open Source Software (OSS) licenses for app are available free for any host product with an Community/OSS license - email to request a Community/OSS app license.
  5. Where can I find my existing licenses? Your account.
  6. What if I can't purchase through the Atlassian Marketplace from my country? See the tip below.
  7. Other licensing problems? Email

Want expert help with your purchase?

Contact if you would like to purchase your software through an Atlassian Platinum Expert. You will get more personal attention for no additional cost!


The Atlassian Marketplace listing contains current pricing. See /wiki/spaces/info/pages/86083526 for a list of products and links.


Quotes are available from See How to get a quote.

How to get fixes

In some cases, a pre-release plugin or tool snapshot will be available that contains fixes marked as resolved in JIRA. Go to the JIRA item for indication of snapshot availability. Also, look for release notices on the project's wiki pages that are work in progress. 

Integration Services

Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons does not provide these services directly, however, Appfire does provide integration, customization, and other professional services. Contact

Quality information

See Quality.


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  2. Contact Support to raise a request.
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