Migrating from server to cloud

The Survey and Votes Macros app shares a lot of similar functionalities with the Polls for Confluence app. With this, you can now migrate from Survey and Votes Macros to Polls for Confluence cloud using the Confluence Content Migration Assistant (CCMA).

This article contains the required information to migrate the app data from server to cloud. To migrate your pages from server to cloud:

  • All pages with Survey and Votes Macros must be rendered before initiating the server to cloud migration.

  • Run the CCMA to migrate, and the pages are then ready for use in your cloud instance.

The actual migration process remains the same where all macros from all pages are migrated to Polls for Confluence cloud app. After the migration is completed, the Survey macros are converted to polls of type “Survey” and Vote macros to polls of type “Regular”.

If there are any errors or missing data on your pages, you may have to manually recreate the polls in your cloud instance. If you are still facing the same or different issue, contact our Support team for assistance.

After migration, surveys are displayed as:

Survey macro will appear as:


Migrated Votes and Surveys in Polls list:


View migrated survey:


Mapping Survey and Vote Macros to Polls

Due to technical reasons or due to Confluence cloud itself, certain features and/or parameters are not migrated to cloud. Also, to increase efficiency, certain features and/or parameters are combined or have different parameter names in the cloud version. The table lists the differences but does not show any feature and/or parameter that are common to both.







HTML header level for title

Not supported


Override default choices

Changed to Change survey choices

Performs the same action.

Changeable votes


App already has similar parameter: Allow users to change their votes.

Summary location


Available as Show summary. If this parameter is enabled, summary of votes is shown at the top and this position cannot be changed.

Allow/Show comments

Not supported


Value of the last choice

Not supported


Iteration step

Not supported


List of manager groups

List of managers


In Polls, usually an administrator or the poll creator is responsible for a poll. After migration, in the cases of both Survey and Vote macros, the user who loads the page for the first time is considered to be the creator or administrator for that poll.

List of voter groups

List of voters

List of result viewer groups

List of result viewers


Some parameters are combined but have the same functionality. Similar parameters are:

  • Voters (~ List of voters)

  • Voter groups (~ List of voter groups)

  • Report viewers (~ List of result viewers)

  • Report viewer groups (~ List of result viewer groups)

Always show results


Similar to the Display results before poll is closed parameter.

Show list of users who voted


Similar to the Display names of other voters parameter.

Pending voters


Similar to the Show pending voters parameter.

Username style

Not available

Voter names are displayed with links to their profile in polls by default.

Email delimiter

Not supported


Condensed view

Not supported




See this article to learn how this feature is implemented.


  • All pages with Survey and Votes Macros must be rendered before initiating the server to cloud migration.

  • Note that changes made to survey, vote macros or votes given after migration are not carried over to cloud on re-migration. The workaround is to delete the respective poll in cloud and then perform the migration.

  • There might be loss of Information regarding users who have voted for survey(s) and vote(s) to cloud. The number of votes posted is retained but voter information is not migrated.

Additional information

To learn more about this poll type, read any of the following articles:

Contact our Support team for assistance if you face any issues during or after migration.

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