Retrieve markdown content from Bitbucket private repo managed by Google or others

This article explains how we can retrieve markdown content from a Bitbucket private repository managed by Google or others.


  1. Go to Bitbucket and create an app password by navigating to your profile → Personal settings → App Password. Copy the Password to a secure location.

  2. Log in to Confluence as an Administrator and create a markdown profile by navigating to Settings → Markdown configuration → profiles and then click Add profile.

  3. In the Profile section, enter a Profile name, choose Profile type as URL and give the URL of the markdown file like$workspace/$repo/src/$commit/$filepath

  4. Provide your bitbucket user name and password that is produced in step# 1.


  5. Use Markdown from a URL macro in your confluence page and provide created Profile name to show markdown content.


Ensure to have administrator access to configure Profiles.