Copy Page Tree FAQ

Copy Page Tree

How long should a Copy take?

Most copy process should take around 15 minutes or less. If you are copying a very large tree that has many Apps or images it can take longer. The copying can run in the background. Please allow a few hours in those cases. 

My copied pages don't show even after the status updates as completed

If no pages show on the sidebar perform a hard refresh of the page or click on page reorder. We’ve seen this issue before where Confluence sometimes doesn’t refresh that sidebar when navigating around in some ways. New Pages Do Not Show in Page Tree - Confluence Cloud

  • New content (pages) need to be indexed by an asynchronous background task before they will appear in certain contexts. Rendering the sidebar may be one of those contexts.

  • Confluence cloud's UI makes aggressive use of client-side caching, and appears to be bad at cache invalidation in many cases.  It's possible that a hard refresh or navigating away (forcing a full page refresh which only sometimes happens) and back again might help refresh the side bar.

I am using the App Numbered Headings and it doesn't keep them after the copy

  • After you make the copy you will need to go into the Content Tools and turn on the setting again. 

Delete Page Tree

I can't find the Delete Page Tree option

This feature was released for all users who have delete permissions on 8.14.2020 and was a major update requiring an Admin to accept it. If a user doesn't have access to this feature and you think they should please check the mange App and make sure all updates have been accepted. This was a change from Admin only access previously. 

Where do the pages go when I delete them?

Deleted pages will go to the trash and can be recovered by an Admin.