No one except site admin can successfully copy space


User attempting to copy space encounters:

Starting copy with value ABC (0.0s)
Fetching source space with value EQS (0.0s)
Creating new space with value ABC (0.2s)
Copying existing permissions with current user as admin with value ABC Copied Space (0.2s)
---------- ERROR DETAIL ----------
ERROR creating space: "Oops! It looks like you don't have permissions to create a space in Confluence. Please ask your administrator to add you to a group which has 'Create Space' permission and try again. If this error continues, it may be caused by a bug within Confluence itself." with value ABC Copied Space (1.0s)
Error: Confluence server error: post: 500: org.springframework.transaction.UnexpectedRollbackException: Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-onl


Deselect  "Copy Space Permissions"   in the list of check boxes

We released a fix for this March 2019 per CSOD-29 - Getting issue details... STATUS .    This seems to only happen when the user has permissions to admin that space and create a space but is not a Confluence Administrator.

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