ERROR creating space - Copy Space Cloud


You are seeing this:

---------- ERROR ----------

ERROR creating space: "Oops! Confluence failed to create space with key 'del425234': this may happen if the key is already in use, a previous attempt to create a space with the same key failed, or the plugin has insufficient permissions. Please try again using a different space key." with value del3423 (2.1s)


Error: Unexpected response code: 400: Cannot create Space


Deselect  "Copy Space Permissions" as shown here:

This feature was working but Atlassian seems to have updated and broken the parsing of space permissions.  We are working on a fix for this issue, but the workaround of deselecting 'copy space permissions' does work. Please see issue  CSOD-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for up-to-date information.