Flow Board empty when copying a page


When I copy a page with a Flow Board on it, the Flow Board data does not display upon saving the copied page in another space.


When moving a page the Flow Board data will continue to display on the page, regardless of it's origin and destination space.

When copying a page the Flow Board data will not display on the copied page/board. Have no fear - the Flow Board data is not lost.  It still exists and displays on the original page/board.

Want to be able to copy a Flow Board? Vote for it! Please visit FB-82 - Getting issue details... STATUS to identify the New Feature request associated with your use case.


Full Disclosure

Our workaround requires using another one of our paid apps - MultiExcerpt.  We promise this isn't some sort of evil plot.  Only a workaround we thought of after a Flow Board user informed us they'd like this feature.  Unfortunately this is the only workaround we determined technically possible. Hopefully you already have our MultiExcerpt app, making this an easy decision.  If not, you can purchase it in the Marketplace.  We completely understand if you don't want to. 

The following requires the MultiExcerpt app

  1. Navigate to your Flow Board home page
    1. In page edit mode, add the MultiExcerpt macro
    2. Move your Flow Board macro inside the MultiExcerpt macro (drag/drop or copy/paste)
    3. Save/publish your page

  2. Navigate to the page you want to display a copy of Flow Board
    1. In page edit mode, add the MultiExcerpt Include macro
    2. Fill out the macros required fields and save
    3. Save/publish your page

 (tick) Changes made to the Flow Board data on the 'copied board' will be reflected in the 'original board' and vice versa.

See MultiExcerpt for Server User Guide for more details on how to use MultiExcerpts and MultiExcerpt Includes

Flow Board Home Page

Flow Board Copy Page