Easy Form FAQ's

What should I do if Easy Forms for Confluence crashes when I try to enable the plugin?

  • Please check for "Workbox - Host Plugin" is enabled. This app is required for starting "Easy forms". "Workbox - Host Plugin" is part of "Confluence Mobile Web Plugin". If you disabled "Confluence Mobile Web Plugin" then "Workbox - Host Plugin" was disabled automatically. If you don’t need the "Confluence Mobile Web Plugin" you can disable this app right after the "Easy forms" starts.

Can anyone edit my form?

  • Only people with "Write" access to page with your form can edit the form

Who can view the results of the form's submissions?

  • Only people with "Write" access to page with your form can edit the form. In the future we'll add some more flexibility around this.

What happens to the data if a delete a field?

  • All data is stored, maintained and viewable in the reports

What if I want to do more analysis on my data?

  • You should absolutely in that case export your data to Excel (using the XLS link at the bottom of the report) or one of the other formats: JSON, XML, CSV

Can I have multiple forms on a page?

  • Yes!

Can I have two forms on a page with the same name?

  • No.   Forms on different pages can have the same name, but two forms on the same page currently causes the second form to just appear empty. This will be replaced with an error message in the future. 

Can I move my form to another page?

  • No.  The form data is associated with that page's PageId.  So you can rename or move the page but the form 'lives' on that page.

What happens to the data if the page with the form is deleted?

  • The data remains, but would not currently be viewable via the report macro. However any administrator can still export the data from the Administration -> EasyForms Admin screen.

How are checkbox submission stored in AO_4025C4_SUBMISSSION_FIELD?

  •  The values for submissions for checkbox (multi-valued) fields are stored in AO_4025C4_SUBMISSSION_FIELD with a separate row for each submitted (checked) value in a form submission.

    In the coming release we are adding a SHORT_VALUE column that you should know about. It will be used for server-side pagination as described in EASY-70: Add report table pagination to load pages lazilyIN DEV.

    The submitted value of a checkbox is stored in the VALUE and/or the SHORT_VALUE column. If the value is less than or equal to 255 characters then the value is only in the SHORT_VALUE column, which is a VARCHAR(255) and the VALUE column is null.

    If the value is greater than 255 characters then the entire value is stored in the VALUE column as a CLOB (which can get very large) and the first 255 characters are stored in the SHORT_VALUE column to support search filtering.

    The field definition, the thing that defines the label for the checkbox input and the individual labels/values for each checkbox, is in AO_4025C4_FORM_FIELD. The label for the input is in the LABEL column which is VARCHAR(255) and the individual labels/values are all in that same row as a JSON string in the FIELD_OPTIONS column which is a CLOB. The value of the CLOB looks like this: {"options":[{"label":"checkbox option one","checked":false},{"label":"checkbox option two","checked":false},{"label":"checkbox option three","checked":false}],"include_other_option":true}