People Directory Plus Server - User Guide

People Directory Plus gives users clean, quick access to Confluence Users. Though a bit like the built in Confluence People Directory it is much more quickly navigated for both large and small numbers of users. Additionally, it can be dropped onto any page.

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  • View users quickly

  • Filter by user groups with real time drop down searching of groups

  • Scroll through users with no page refresh

  • Expand user details with no page refresh or always show the primary user details

User Guides 

  1. Insert the People Directory Plus macro into the page. You can choose users or groups you would like to be included in the table or you can leave the fields blank to include all users and groups. 

       2. Save changes to the page. When the page reloads you will see the People Directory Plus plugin. The plugin will load with all available users displayed. 

        3. You can search pages by a user's name in the Search field. You can also filter by groups in the Filter By Groups field. 

       4. You can also display all users and all their respective details (Location, department, phone number etc.)

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