MultiExcerpt Include Macros

This macro reproduces the content created with MultiExcerpt from another page.

Create the actual content with the MultiExcerpt macro and then reproduce it with the MultiExcerpt Include macro. Follow the following steps to create and reproduce content:

  1. Create the actual content with MultiExcerpt macro.

  2. Reproduce the content across pages and spaces using the MultiExcerpt Include macro.


The following table provides you with a description of the parameters on the Macro settings tab.

Parameter name



Parameter name




Search for the page name that has the MultiExcerpt you want to reproduce. To help you, begin typing in the search box, and the results will be auto-populated.

note The space name is displayed below the name of the page.


Search for the name of the MultiExcerpt on the Page you selected. To help you, begin typing in the search box, and the results will be auto-populated.

Add Surrounding Panel

Select this checkbox if you want to add a panel surrounding your MultiExcerpt content. This option allows you to distinguish between the MultiExcerpt content.

Go to page containing this excerpt

To view the excerpt, click this button. This option allows you to view the content of the excerpt in a separate window.

MultiExcerpt Include macro

To create the MultiExcerpt Include macro perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new page or go to Edit the page where you want to reproduce the MultiExcerpt content.

  2. Type / or click the + icon and type MultiExcerpt.


  3. Select the MultiExcerpt Include macro and click Insert. The MultiExcerpt Include window is displayed.
    Note Make sure to select the respective include macro. For example, If you have created content with MultiExcerpt Fast Excerpt (Inline) macro select MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Inline) macro to reproduce the content.

  4. Specify the following details in the Macro settings tab:

    1. Page

    2. Name

    3. (Optional) Add Surrounding Panel

    4. (Optional) To view the content, click Go to the page containing this excerpt.
      For more information, see Parameters.

  5. Click the Insert button. 

To learn about the Variables tab, click here.

  • The MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Inline) and MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Block) are special cases macros. If you have used to create MultiExcerpt content with Fast macros then select the respective include macro.

  • Click here to learn more about the differences between these macros.

  • The Inline macro is limited to 300px wide. We have a ticket MEPOD-49 to improve this feature.

  • The page with MultiExcerpt must be published before the content is rendered in Preview.