MultiExcerpt Macros

Create the actual content with the MultiExcerpt macro and then reproduce it with the MultiExcerpt Include macro. Follow the following steps to create and reproduce content:

  1. Create the actual content with MultiExcerpt macro.

  2. Reproduce the content across pages and spaces using the MultiExcerpt Include macro.


The following table provides you with a description of the parameters for the MultiExcerpt macro:








Specify a name for your MultiExcerpt content.

Fallback permission handling

The "Fallback permission handling" parameter in the MultiExcerpt macros is used to provide a fallback permission check in some scenarios such as exposing Confluence content in Jira Service Desk (JSD).

A system user, a.k.a. "app user", exists for 3rd party apps like the MultiExcerpt app. 

When "Fallback permission handling" is enabled for a MultiExcerpt then, ONLY for situations where the user cannot be found, the app user will be used to access the excerpted content when a MultiExcerpt Include macro requests it.

An example of a scenario where it could be necessary to enable it is when using a MultiExcerpt Include on a page that is exposed on Jira Service Desk (JSD).  Due to Atlassian bugs, users who are not in your basic profile in JSD will be unable to see content that is included via a MultiExcerpt Include.


When the page is published, this option allows you to hide the MultiExcerpt content. 
Check this box if you only want the MultiExcerpt content to appear when the page is in edit mode.

MultiExcerpt macro

To create the MultiExcerpt macro perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new page or go to Edit the page where you want to create MultiExcerpt content.

  2. Type / or click the + icon and type MultiExcerpt.


  3. Select MultiExcerpt macro and Click Insert. The MultiExcerpt window is displayed.


  4. Specify a name for the MultiExcerpt content. The MultiExcerpt key is displayed on the page.

  5. Add the content you want to be included. You can insert text, images, Informational boxes, Flow Boards, JIRA issues, and more.

  6. Click Publish.


  • MultiExcerpt Fast Excerpt (Inline) and MultiExcerpt Fast Excerpt (Block) are special cases macros. These macros are solutions to rendering issues in the cloud. To know more about their differences, click here.

  • The process to create these macros is the same as the MultiExcerpt macro.

  • Make sure you add the respective include macros MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Inline) and MultiExcerpt Fast Include (Block) to reproduce the content.