Searching in Copy Page Tree

When searching for a Parent Page in the Copy Page Tree app you must enter a full word or use a wild card *. Partial word searches do not work.


The destination I want for this example is 'How To Articles' 

Partial Word Search

Entering 'h' does not jump to pages beginning with 'h'.

Wild Card Search - 1 Letter

Entering 'h*' (the asterisk being a wildcard) works but may not be the quickest route depending on your page names. In that case you may want to try using two or more letters in your wild card search or enter a full word.

Wild Card Search - 2 Letters

Entering 'ho*' took me straight to what I want.

Full Word Search

Entering 'how' gets me what I want too.

Additional search suggestions: Confluence Search Syntax

We have the following new feature request on our backlog. If it interests you, please vote for it. CPTC-57 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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