Jira Product Discovery Support

Jira Product Discovery is an exiting product that helps capture and prioritize ideas. It works like a new project type in Jira. However, while some standard Jira project features and concepts still exist. many have been removed and replaced with special features specific to Product Discovery. This causes some issues with the product since it has been specifically designed to work with standard project features and concepts. The documentation pages in this section will outline the Power Scripts features and functionality that is not compatible with Product Discovery because the feature/concept does not exist or there is a compatibility issue. It is our goal to resolve these compatibility issues as soon as we can, however, while that work is being performed it is still valuable to know which features are compatible and working so that powerful script-based automations can created to help increase the productivity and reduce overhead for you and your team!

Within this section is a SIL script that will help you get the most support for Jira Product Discovery. Running the script will help you retrieve information about the custom fields in Product Discovery that has been made unavailable from the user interface and administration sections in Jira. This information is needed in order to write other scripts that aim to set or retrieve data from those fields.

This script requires no modifications and can be copied into your Jira instance with a few clicks! Click here to see more about this script.

Details about Product Discovery support: